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a little bit about me

Zac Gaetano

I’m a Camera Nerd & Animator based in Washington DC


Zac Gaetano


a little bit about me

I’ve grown up in the Media Industry, so the dedication to craft and intense work ethic are second nature to me. My experience spans large and small scale narrative, network news, regional sports, new product promotion, educational and training videos, kickstarters, music videos and so much more I have been fortunate to work on the award winning productions of House of Cards and HBO’s VICE. I frequently work as Engineer/Utility for NBC News and NBC Sports Washington supporting their on-air operations, and as a Camera Operator on live pre and post game shows. I am a trained Steadicam Operator, and well versed on practically every modern camera system. In the Post Production world there isn’t a piece of software I haven’t touched; VFX, Editing, Coloring, you name it, I’m your man.

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"Filmmaking isn’t if you can just strap on a camera onto an actor, and steadicam, and point it at their face, and follow them through the movie, that is not what moviemaking is, that is not what it’s about. "

David Fincher
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Some Stories

Sometimes a video can be that one thing that propels you to the next level. Here’s some success stories.



Kickstarter Campaign

A Small Tech firm based in the UK approached me with a interesting concept for a kick-starter and a very small budget. I put together a short animation video that helped them raise there goal – and an additional 20%. The Video was eventually featured on “Linus Tech Tips” , one of the largest tech Youtube channels


Remote NFL Draft

Remote Production

Designed & Operated a remote production system for NBC Sports Coverage of the NFL Draft 2020 during the Carona-virus epidemic. Ran the show as a one-man band from the technical end generating graphics, cutting cameras and rolling video.



Product Promotion

Assisted the Rod-Rail developers with generating photo-realistic animations for there trade show, after the first run of shows they sold the production to Dicks Sporting Goods




Based in Washington DC

But I’ll Travel Anywhere.

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